Communication times

PL 45 min | KN 20 min | OC 10 min (discussion incl.) | FC 90s


2 poster + 2 oral communication


22 January 23 January 24 January

Dear Colleagues,

The Divisions of Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry&Chemical Biology of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) and the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Algarve cordially invite you to attend the 15th National Organic Chemistry Meeting (15ENQO), and the 8th National Medicinal Chemistry Meeting (8ENQT), that will take place in  January 22-24, 2024, at the University of Algarve, Gambelas campus, in Faro, Portugal.

Traditionally, the 15ENQO & 8ENQT biennial meetings gather scientists from all domains of the Organic and Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology areas. The comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach followed by researchers in these areas play a pivotal role in the development of chemical sciences. As such,vibrant and enlightening scientific discussions on novel developments and innovative ideas are commonly held in the 15ENQO & 8ENQT meetings, which foster new collaborations and expand the boundaries of knowledge. 

The venue of the 15ENQO & 8ENQT, Faro, is the main city of Algarve. Not far from Faro, near the southwesternmost point of continental Europe, lies Sagres, a sacred promontory to the Romans. It was in Sagres that, legendarily, Prince Henry the Navigator dreamed and planned the Portuguese discoveries in the 15th century, exploring the unknown and expanding horizons in the quest for a sea route to India. Today, Science is called upon to search for essential tools that enable a sustainable development of societies, striving for global well-being, and peace. Chemistry plays an instrumental role in this quest.

The scientific program comprises plenary and keynote lectures spanning advances in the Organic and Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology fields, delivered by national and international scientists, as well as oral communications and poster presentations.

From the abstracts proposed, by students and young researchers, for poster presentations, a selection will be given the opportunity to present orally, as “Flash Poster Communications”.

Together with an attractive and inspiring scientific program, you will be exposed to the colours, flavours, tastes, history and traditions of Southern Portugal.

Please come to the 15ENQO & 8ENQT, in Faro, Portugal, next January.

You can view the conference poster by clicking here, and register here.

2014 Ca Foto 2 350x350

Carlos Afonso

Chair & President of the Organic Chemistry Division(QO)
Amparo Faustino 2

Maria Amparo F. Faustino

Chair & President of the Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Division (QM&B)
Picture 179 1499948077

Maria de Lurdes Cristiano

Chair of the 15th National Organic Chemistry Meeting (15th ENQO) and National Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biological Meeting (8th ENQT)